As of today, I’m rolling over into my 35th year of my life, and it just keeps getting better.  I have all that I need in life, although there are plenty of things on my to-do list for the future.  I have a loving family, a nice home, a job I enjoy, a working vehicle, 2 dogs, and a cat.  What else do I need?  It seems like the past 35 years have gone by in a blink, now that i am here, but the journey to get here is what makes it all worth it and I am glad that each moment took its own time.

Just this past year alone, there have been plenty of milestones that I never thought possible.  I have been married for 7 years now, the best 7 years of my life.  I love to ride my bicycle, and this year, I rode almost 2000 miles.  I even rode my first Century this past summer.  I never dreamed that would happen.  I’m also back in college now.  I actually started last year, but now I am really into it deep.  Getting ready to start my 4th semester  in January.  I never thought I would be going for my BS in Computer Science, but here I am doing it.  There are so many things that are amazing right now and I feel so happy to have my wife and daughter to share it with.  We even went zip-lining for the first time yesterday.  That’s been on our bucket list for years, and yesterday, we decided it was time.

Next year, 2014 is going to be a fantastic year.  I hope to do my first triathlon, and maybe my second as well.  My wife and I really want to do a backpacking trip in the Smoky Mountains in TN, so that’s on the list too.  We have also been looking to bike the outer banks, and go on a cruise.  One of my personal goals is to become a better runner so I can actually beat my wife in a 5K race.  So far, she has 3 metals to my goose egg.  I am so proud of her.

Today is my birthday and I am ready to start the next year of my life.  I will laugh, I will cry, I will smile, and I will frown, but by the end of the year, I will have stories to tell that no one else can tell.  Some stories may be happy and some sad, but they will all teach me to be a better person, and I hope you can learn from them too.  Share in my good times, and learn from my mistakes.

Until year 36, I’ll keep writing my stories from 35 years of life.


Simon A.