When we arrived on Friday, the skies were pretty normal.  There were supposed to be a few days of rain while we were visiting the area, as well as a few days below freezing, but those days were not supposed to cross each other.  Friday was chilly, but not freezing.  Saturday was mild and dry, and Sunday it rained all day, but it was warm.  Monday it started getting cold, but the rain was almost gone by then.  Then today came, Christmas Eve.  The forcast was cold and dry, but Mother Nature had other plans.  We woke up to snow covered cars and a dusting on the ground.  Good News for a White Christmas.  Not only was there snow on the ground, but it was still snowing.  My family and I went out to the shops, and even in the blistering cold wind, but snow falling made it worth the agony of chattering teeth and runny noses.

We drove to the top of the mountain where the ski resort is and it was really snowing up there.  They also had the snow-making machines running, so it looked like a blizzard.  None of us were really dressed for the chill that we were faced with, but we purchased chair lift tickets anyways and rode to the top of the ski trails.  It was set up for sightseers on foot and since we were freezing and the hot chocolate line wasn’t moving fast enough, we didn’t stay at the top long.  The view was great as far as the snow covered trees and all, but it was snowing so hard and we were in the clouds, so we couldn’t see very far off.  I sent my parents a picture of the snow.  They were still at the bottom of the mountain in town and said it was snowing, but not like at the top.

The rest of today was pretty good.  We had our Christmas dinner with the family, and attended a Christmas Eve church service.  The snow tapered off this afternoon and all that is left now is a little dusting on the bushes, and what is left on the cars that didn’t get driven today.  I hope tomorrow morning comes with some snow left.  I doubt what is out there now is going anyways, because the temperature is still in the 20’s and it’s after 11pm.  I love having a white Christmas, even if it is just a dusting.  I would rather the roads stay clear anyways, since we are traveling back home to the East tomorrow, and my parents are driving west to theirs.

It was a great early White Christmas today and I am so glad to be here together with my family.

Sleep tight tonight and Merry Christmas.

Simon A.