Since before Christmas, the office has been operating on a skeleton crew. I was out of town for my birthday and Christmas, like most others in my group. When I came back to work after Christmas, the office was a ghost town. Most people just took the whole week off, so I had lots of peace and quiet to catch up on paperwork. This past week was the same situation. Monday and Tuesday were dead since it was close to New Years. I was there with a few others and work was steady, but still slow. Thursday and Friday after New Years was a little better. People started coming back to work and it was pretty lively most of the day. Everyone was sharing their holiday stories of being with family and friends. I was no exception, and it was nice to share with others the good times of the past few weeks.

Now the holidays are behind us, and tomorrow starts the first Monday morning of 2014. Along with the cold snap that we have to deal with in most of the country right now, the office will most likely be a madhouse of chatter. I have enjoyed the quiet peacefulness these last few days, but I do miss normal days at work. It will be nice to have everyone there, all the vendors, suppliers, and customers back online and ready to go, and business as usual. January is normally my company’s slowest time of year, but this year, it looks to be very busy for us. I like staying busy because it makes the time go faster, but more importantly, doing more work gives me more to be proud of, since I enjoy what I do.

This is the start of a new year. I hope to make it the best one yet, in my life and at the office. I hope you all have a great first Monday wherever you are tomorrow. I know I will be enjoying the day, as it is the first of many in a new and wonderful year to come.


Simon A.