Cindy loves to play music, whether it be a keyboard at home or a piano at a coffee shop. She has a natural talent where she can hear a song and then turn to the keys and play it. I am the complete opposite. I learned piano young and learned to read music. I can’t play anymore, and certainly could I never be able to repeat a sound from hearing it alone.

Cindy wanted my mothers piano that she offered to us, but she lives a few states away and transporting it would cost much more than it is worth. So I started looking locally and found a really good deal on one and it was right in our neighborhood. Today we picked it up with the help of a few friends of mine and one of their trailers. Once we got it to our house, it was a chore to get it up on the back deck and into the house. It was going to go in our guest/dog/study room, but it was too big to make the corner. So now it sits straddling the kitchen and living room. Not the ideal place, but it will due for now.

Cindy got her piano finally. It’s a Kimball Upright. I found the serial number on the back and found out it was made in Chicago in 1974. It’s older than either of us. Ha ha. But it looks really good. There is one key that sticks, and one front leg is cracked, but all in all, it is in really great shape for 40 years old.

As soon as I got it set up, Cindy started playing. Hopefully she can teach me again. I will teach her to read music too and then we will be ready for the stage. Well, maybe someday.




Keep calm and play on.

Simon A.