In spite of the horrible weather surrounding my area lately, I managed to get the grass mowed today after work.  The grass wasn’t too wet, thanks to the wind, but the ground sank a bit with every step like a sponge.  If I had been watching the forecast, I would have mowed my lawn the day before the rain started like my neighbor, but I was too busy, or lazy, or whatever the case, and it didn’t get done.  And then, of course, the rain came.  The only saving grace is that the yard is on a slope, so not all of the grass grew extremely tall.  The mower choked and coughed a few times on the giant blades, but she kept slicing and dicing and never quit.  Now, instead of a jungle, I have an even canvas of green to welcome the new week.  The next time it rains, my lawn is ready and thirsty.