Sunset Reflections

Sunset Reflections

Today, the gloominess finally moved out and the sunshine moved back in.  No more high speed winds.  No more rain.  Just blue skies as far as I could see, accompanied by bright warm sunshine.  This is what fall is supposed to be like.  I wish everyday was like today.  I can’t explain why, but days like this make me feel so good.  Too bad I had to work all day.  The sun did good though and stayed out for the whole evening as well.  I took a ride in the convertible to pick up my daughter and not even the construction and slow traffic could bring me down.

Not only was the sun shining today, but the moon was out this afternoon also.  It was only a partial viewing against the blue sky, but I think it’s so cool to see the moon during the day.  Someday I am going to get a nice telescope so I can see a little closer.

After dinner, my wife noticed the sunset over the neighbors house.  You couldn’t see the sun itself, but as you can tell from my photo above, the red coming off the clouds was amazing.  Not sure where those clouds came from since there were none all day, but I am glad they were there because without them, the sky would only have been a blue sheet that faced to white behind the trees.  All this beauty today makes life wonderful.  Hoping this weather stays like this for awhile and brings more beautiful days ahead.

Life is good.