It’s only a week away from the start of the Write Nonfiction In November Challenge and I am getting really excited to finally telling my story. The photo above is just another example of the awesome beauty in this world.  The fact that I am here to witness this beauty with my own eyes is reason enough for me to write this book. 

This week, I have some decisions to make before the challenge starts. There are many directions I can take this book and I need to figure out the best path. I could stick to talking about the accomplishments in my life and how I beat the odds. I could focus on the medical side and tell the story of the progression in technology which has enhanced my quality of life tremendously. I could talk about the sports I play, against all odds, and against some recommendations. I could talk about my adoption and how Hydrocephalus did not break apart my adoptive parents hopes and dreams, but instead made us stronger. I could talk about how, in spite of having multiple birthdays and holidays in the operating room, I am a very optimistic person.

I could talk about one of these topics, and I probably will. In fact, I may talk about them all, and 10 more topics too. It is going to be a challenge for sure. Staying on topic will probably be the hardest thing of all for me. I love rabbit trails, but in the end, I am here, I am healthy, and I am able to write, so I hope I can bring you a story that brings a smile to your face.

Come on November, let’s write.

Thank you.