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These are pictures from our trip to Linville Falls today.  We drove to Boone and then got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and drove it for the rest of the way.  Beautiful scenery and weather today.  Having the top down made it even better. Enjoy.

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What a wonderful start to a cool Friday morning in October.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but at least you can’t see the windshield……. LOL.

I learned something unexpected today.  My wife and I went to the park after work to enjoy the weather and get some walking in.  I noticed these trees where the bark had obviously been peeling off and it made some nice patterns in trunk.  So naturally I took out my cell phone and snapped a few pictures of the camouflage designs.  My first thought was that these were birch trees, but in the background of my mind I knew they looked a little different.  Birch trees didn’t usually shed all their bark, did they?  Maybe they did, I didn’t know, nor did I seek confirmation.

We moved past the trees and continued our quest to walk the trail around the lake.  It’s a beautiful small lake, or more like a large pond you could say.  We walked 4 laps around it, which maybe equaled 2 miles….. maybe.  I didn’t give the trees a second thought, not even when we passed them on the way back to the car.  The evening continued and we went out to eat dinner, and then attended the homecoming football game in which my niece was marching in the band.  Our team won, which made the end of the evening quite exciting.

We walked in the house close to 11:00PM and I was tired (still am), but I wanted to write a blog entry today.  I didn’t have a plan about the topic tonight, but I knew I wanted to use the pictures of the “birch” tree that I look this afternoon.  I sat in bed a few minutes ago ready to start typing about how nature changes so much in the fall and shows so much beauty in the process.  Well, I started that way….. added the pictures from my phone into the blog…… looked at the pictures again….. and then decided to google birch trees just to make sure.  Well, I searched birch tree images and couldn’t quite see one like my picture.  I searched peeling bark and presto, there was a few like mine, except they were not birch trees.  No, I made an assumption about peeling bark and associated it which birch, and only birch.  Well, now I know that my pictures are none other than Crepe Myrtles.  Surprised?  Maybe not you, but for me, yes I was.  It wasn’t that I even claimed it out loud that they were birch to begin with, but it’s funny how I never even considered anything but birch at first.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find it funny.

So, my lesson for today is that I need to learn more about trees and not let my mind jump to conclusions.  Anyways, the silliness of the whole situation gave me my blog for tonight, even if it was unplanned.  I’m still glad i took the pictures though.  Without them, I would be blogging about birch trees and never giving it a second thought that i could possibly be mistaken.



In spite of the horrible weather surrounding my area lately, I managed to get the grass mowed today after work.  The grass wasn’t too wet, thanks to the wind, but the ground sank a bit with every step like a sponge.  If I had been watching the forecast, I would have mowed my lawn the day before the rain started like my neighbor, but I was too busy, or lazy, or whatever the case, and it didn’t get done.  And then, of course, the rain came.  The only saving grace is that the yard is on a slope, so not all of the grass grew extremely tall.  The mower choked and coughed a few times on the giant blades, but she kept slicing and dicing and never quit.  Now, instead of a jungle, I have an even canvas of green to welcome the new week.  The next time it rains, my lawn is ready and thirsty.


It’s still dark outside, but there is still the content hum of the wind, whipping across the front porch.  The air is crisp and moist, as the rain continues to fall, although it is diminishing every day.  I believe the forecast shows that the sun will be allowed to come out today.  I hope so because all these gloomy days are getting really old.  Fall is supposed to be full of color and brightness, not overcast, dull gray, and windy.

Despite the recent spell of bad weather, I am glad for the changing season.  I know this system is temporary and the colors will return.  Leaves will float to the Earth once again, instead of flying by like bullets.  The hammocks will be hung up soon and it will be time to sit outside and enjoy the breezes and the sounds of nature.

So this is for you Sun.  C’mon out and play.  We miss you.


Fall Leaves are here.

With all the rain here lately, I have had the urge to start writing again.  Throughout the entire summer, reading has been my literary activity, from mystery fiction novels, to non-fiction outdoor adventure autobiographies.  It’s been enlightening and enjoyable, but I feel it is time to create my own material for awhile.  I have no theme for this entry as of now, but I just want to get some words on the page.  We’ll see where this goes.

The last time I wrote, my wife and I were training for a marathon, starting guitar lessons, getting ready for the spring season.  Well, many things have changed since then.  For one, the marathon, and more specifically running, has been put on hold indefinitely because I rolled my ankle a few times during training.  The doctor told me to keep it wrapped up and not to run on it for 6 weeks while the tendons healed themselves.  Well, it’s been like 4 months since I saw him and I am still wrapping it and it still gets sore.  I need to go more physical therapy, but for now, it’s only the bike for me.

Guitar lessons started off great and I was learning a lot from a great teacher at a local music store.  I took a few weeks off here and there during the summer for vacations and travel, and then my life seemed to get so busy that the practicing became more of a chore than a hobby.  I still plan to keep practicing and learning, but for now, I have stopped the lessons.  Hopefully I will continue to grow as a player and will get back into lessons soon.

One thing that I did get done these past few months has been traveling and camping.  My family took a trip to NYC earlier this year, and this summer, we drove up to DC to see the sights.  Great memories on both trips.

My wife and I bought a pop-up camping this summer, so that has been our focus most of the summer, and will continue this fall as the weather gets cooler.  I plan to be better with my entries as we get more into the camping life.  To add to the excitement of outdoor life, we upgraded our kayaks to new ones with dry storage, which will make our kayak camping trips easier and well, dryer.  The hammocks dry quickly in the wind, but the sleeping bags stay wet for days, which is not fun when you are in the middle of nowhere.  We have only taken the kayaks out once since we got them, but looking forward to camping on the lake where we can take them out on the lakes like we used to with the old ones.

I know I am not being very detailed about any of these topics, but I just wanted to let all of you know that I am back and plan to post more often.  I will not make any promises about how often or what topics will be posted, but I will do my best and I hope you all enjoy the words that make it to the page.

Talk to you all again soon.