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I promised myself that I would make time to write and even though it is getting pretty late tonight, I intend to keep my word to myself.  It may not be a long post, but it’s going to be from the heart.

It’s been two days since the camping weekend came to a close.  Now that we are back home, we had to catch up on lots of things.  The lawn needed to be cut, the animals needed extra attention, and all the house work was backed up as well.  So needless to say, it has been busy around here.  But I am happy to say that things are looking good now, except the weather.  It has been a gloomy day today, with rain on and off, misty and then downpour. The dogs had to spend the day inside, which I assume is boring for them because there is nothing to bark at except the cat.

The temperature has been very nice and cool, which is great because our A/C is being stupid right now.  We’ve enjoyed having the breeze come through the open windows  and the sound of the rain makes it even better.  It’s a great atmosphere to write.  I would love to set up my writing desk in front of the window, but the room is not the correct configuration for that to happen.  Besides, once the A/C is fixed and summer hits, the windows will be closed and the sounds will be gone.  Then I’ll have to rely on Spotify for my audible motivation and inspiration.

Unlike while camping last weekend, I am now using all my fingers on the keys, making it much easier to type a post.  I know I will be able to take my laptop with me on the next camping adventure, and even though I won’t be able to publish while in the woods, I can type my heart away at speeds thumb typing on the phone can’t match.  So my next promise to myself will be to get my thoughts into a draft before packing up to come home from a trip.  Get my thoughts out while I am still in the atmosphere that inspires the thoughts in the first place.  That would make the most sense I would imagine.  The farther away from nature I get, the more detail I will lose in the creative process.  So while I sit here in bed, feeling the cool breeze from the open window, listening to the crickets and birds from that same window, I remind myself of a few things.  When I find myself lacking inspiration or the mood to put words to paper, all I need to do is simply open a window.  Nature is my inspiration and whether it’s coming from outside my bedroom window or through the canvas and zippers of my pop up camper, it will enable me to keep my promise to myself and just keep writing.


Simon A.


Sunset Reflections

Sunset Reflections

Today, the gloominess finally moved out and the sunshine moved back in.  No more high speed winds.  No more rain.  Just blue skies as far as I could see, accompanied by bright warm sunshine.  This is what fall is supposed to be like.  I wish everyday was like today.  I can’t explain why, but days like this make me feel so good.  Too bad I had to work all day.  The sun did good though and stayed out for the whole evening as well.  I took a ride in the convertible to pick up my daughter and not even the construction and slow traffic could bring me down.

Not only was the sun shining today, but the moon was out this afternoon also.  It was only a partial viewing against the blue sky, but I think it’s so cool to see the moon during the day.  Someday I am going to get a nice telescope so I can see a little closer.

After dinner, my wife noticed the sunset over the neighbors house.  You couldn’t see the sun itself, but as you can tell from my photo above, the red coming off the clouds was amazing.  Not sure where those clouds came from since there were none all day, but I am glad they were there because without them, the sky would only have been a blue sheet that faced to white behind the trees.  All this beauty today makes life wonderful.  Hoping this weather stays like this for awhile and brings more beautiful days ahead.

Life is good.



It’s still dark outside, but there is still the content hum of the wind, whipping across the front porch.  The air is crisp and moist, as the rain continues to fall, although it is diminishing every day.  I believe the forecast shows that the sun will be allowed to come out today.  I hope so because all these gloomy days are getting really old.  Fall is supposed to be full of color and brightness, not overcast, dull gray, and windy.

Despite the recent spell of bad weather, I am glad for the changing season.  I know this system is temporary and the colors will return.  Leaves will float to the Earth once again, instead of flying by like bullets.  The hammocks will be hung up soon and it will be time to sit outside and enjoy the breezes and the sounds of nature.

So this is for you Sun.  C’mon out and play.  We miss you.


Raleigh Rock & Roll Marathon - 4/12/15

Raleigh Rock & Roll Marathon – 4/12/15

My wife and I have ran in many races. She has done only 5K races so far, but routinely runs 10K’s during training runs. I have done mostly 5K’s too, but I recently did my first triathlon, which also ended with a 5K. In the past few weeks, we have started running together and doing longer distances, although those runs include walking breaks for now. Saturday, we ran/walked 7 miles, and yesterday, we ran/walked 5 miles. I’m not really sure what set the spark, but we now have the running fever. Maybe it was when my friend signed up for her second marathon last week and talked us into doing it too. We knew the race was next March, so we knew we had plenty of time to train, so we said sure, why not? Knock it off the bucketlist. Actually it wasn’t on the bucketlist, since I never considered a marathon, but heck yes I am going to add it to the bucketlist just to cross it off. Ha Ha. So we started doing the research.

The marathon we were so excited in doing is next years Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach in March 2015. The time of year is right, the course is flat, and we get to go to the beach. Win – win – win, right? Well, it turns out that that particular weekend is a horrible weekend ligistically for us and our family. No sweat, there has to be other choices for marathons on other weekends, right? Well, yes there is. April 12th, 2015 is the Rock & Roll Marathon in Raleigh, NC. It’s close to home, a themed race, and no need to fight for a hotel. The course is not as flat as the other one, but we have time to get used to hills I think. Registration opened today, and yes we did, we signed up and are both registered for the full marathon. I was going to do just the half, but since we are going to be training together, there is no reason I can’t be ready for the full in a year. We are so excited, not only to do a marathon, but to be able to do it together will be awesome. Bucketlist cross off (2x). I have read a lot of blogs about spouses not being able to run together, or one can’t get the other to run at all. I am so happy we are both up for this and I think this will only make us stronger than we already are. Life is good. Stay tuned for the training updates… and of course, the full race report….. in about 11 months… LOL. It will definately be a long journey, from 5K to 26.2 miles, but we can do it……. And we will.

Simon A.

Transition Goodies

Transition Goodies

Tomorrow is the day of my first triathlon. Time has been going by really fast lately and I can’t believe it’s time to race. I am not as nervous as I thought I would be, which is a good thing I guess. I have all my stuff set out for the race, which is kind of silly right now since the race isn’t until 4:00PM. I guess I just wanted to make sure I have it all. I went and picked up my race packet tonight at the venue and it turns out I am starting 14th out of like 65 or so. If I can hold that position, that would be great, but I am not counting on it. The race is between me and the finish line. If I can make it to that line, I will have accomplished something I have never done, and this time around, that is the goal. With training being in a slump lately and my ankle recoverying from a sprain, I think just finishing without further injury is a fair goal.

I’m pretty confident in my swimming abilities, and I was told that I am starting toward the last part of the first wave, so I shouldn’t have too many people right on my heels during the swim. I am even more confident on the bike. The route for the triathlon is a route that I ride regularly. It has a few quad damaging hills, but nothing I haven’t done dozens of times before. Knowing the route gives me an edge because I know where the hills are, so I can push when I know I have the space, and I can conserve when I know a hill is coming. The run will be my worst leg no doubt. I’m a mid-30’s 5K runner, but I haven’t run much lately. If I am going to lose some time, it will be on the run. More worry than the distance is the terrain. It’s a trail/road run, so I will need to pay very close attention to my ankle and the roots on the trail. Like I said before, this is my race against me and the finish. If I get passed, o well. It wouldn’t be the first time I got passed on a run race. I just want to do respectably, and have fun. I am already expecting it to be fun, so I am determined to keep it that way. I already have my next race picked out and I see plenty more in my future.

Wish me luck and safe passage. Come out and see me race if you are local. Join in and sign up if you are not busy tomorrow afternoon. Ha Ha. I’ll write up a full race report after it’s all said and done. I’m sure it will have a happy ending no matter what place I finish.

Enjoy your race tomorrow if you have one. I know I will.

Goodnight friends.

Simon A.

What do you do when it’s raining and cold outside? How about hosting a slumber party for 3 teenagers? I know right… What was I thinking? Well, luckily, my wife is here and she did most of the hosting. All I did was drive to pick them up and then took everyone for ice cream cones on the way back to the house. That started the night off great. A few hours later, it was nachos and movies. What goes bump in the night you ask? Well, it’s energetic teens in the next room, watching movies, posting makeover pics on Facebook, and probably whispering about boys. I’m so glad my wife was here. :).

Holding on for dear life,

Simon A. 🙂

After a night of rain, sleet, and snow, it seems like half the state is without power here almost 24 hours later. The good news is that we have a fireplace and it is burning hot right now. The bad part is that my next door neighbor and the entire neighborhood behind him have power. From my house on in the opposite direction is dark.

Anyways, since this blog post is being constructed on my I-Phone while in the dark with 2 snoring dogs in front of a fireplace, I’ll keep this short. It’s funny that having no power in your house makes you want to panic, but out camping, it is fine to be unplugged. I guess it is all the worrying about the house itself. Will the pipes freeze? Will all the food in the fridge and freezer spoil? What will happen when the power flips back on? Just have to breathe, relax, and pray.

One other good thing is that with all our camping gear, we are all set for cooking on the Coleman stove. We can make coffee, eggs and bacon for breakfast, and whatever else needs to be heated up.

So the power is out. Big deal. My family is here, dogs and cat included. We are warm and cozy and have a roof over our heads. Life is good. TV, Internet, and lights will be back soon. For now, I will enjoy the silence and the crackle of the fire.

Simon A.