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I promised myself that I would make time to write and even though it is getting pretty late tonight, I intend to keep my word to myself.  It may not be a long post, but it’s going to be from the heart.

It’s been two days since the camping weekend came to a close.  Now that we are back home, we had to catch up on lots of things.  The lawn needed to be cut, the animals needed extra attention, and all the house work was backed up as well.  So needless to say, it has been busy around here.  But I am happy to say that things are looking good now, except the weather.  It has been a gloomy day today, with rain on and off, misty and then downpour. The dogs had to spend the day inside, which I assume is boring for them because there is nothing to bark at except the cat.

The temperature has been very nice and cool, which is great because our A/C is being stupid right now.  We’ve enjoyed having the breeze come through the open windows  and the sound of the rain makes it even better.  It’s a great atmosphere to write.  I would love to set up my writing desk in front of the window, but the room is not the correct configuration for that to happen.  Besides, once the A/C is fixed and summer hits, the windows will be closed and the sounds will be gone.  Then I’ll have to rely on Spotify for my audible motivation and inspiration.

Unlike while camping last weekend, I am now using all my fingers on the keys, making it much easier to type a post.  I know I will be able to take my laptop with me on the next camping adventure, and even though I won’t be able to publish while in the woods, I can type my heart away at speeds thumb typing on the phone can’t match.  So my next promise to myself will be to get my thoughts into a draft before packing up to come home from a trip.  Get my thoughts out while I am still in the atmosphere that inspires the thoughts in the first place.  That would make the most sense I would imagine.  The farther away from nature I get, the more detail I will lose in the creative process.  So while I sit here in bed, feeling the cool breeze from the open window, listening to the crickets and birds from that same window, I remind myself of a few things.  When I find myself lacking inspiration or the mood to put words to paper, all I need to do is simply open a window.  Nature is my inspiration and whether it’s coming from outside my bedroom window or through the canvas and zippers of my pop up camper, it will enable me to keep my promise to myself and just keep writing.


Simon A.


It took a few weeks, but the 2015 MS Tour To Tanglewood Finish Line Photos are online.  Here is Cindy and I crossing the 50 mile mark and ready for lunch.  This is from the 30th Annual Tour To Tanglewood, a National MS Society fundraising event.

Bike MS Tanglewood 2015 Finish-1314

Transition Goodies

Transition Goodies

Tomorrow is the day of my first triathlon. Time has been going by really fast lately and I can’t believe it’s time to race. I am not as nervous as I thought I would be, which is a good thing I guess. I have all my stuff set out for the race, which is kind of silly right now since the race isn’t until 4:00PM. I guess I just wanted to make sure I have it all. I went and picked up my race packet tonight at the venue and it turns out I am starting 14th out of like 65 or so. If I can hold that position, that would be great, but I am not counting on it. The race is between me and the finish line. If I can make it to that line, I will have accomplished something I have never done, and this time around, that is the goal. With training being in a slump lately and my ankle recoverying from a sprain, I think just finishing without further injury is a fair goal.

I’m pretty confident in my swimming abilities, and I was told that I am starting toward the last part of the first wave, so I shouldn’t have too many people right on my heels during the swim. I am even more confident on the bike. The route for the triathlon is a route that I ride regularly. It has a few quad damaging hills, but nothing I haven’t done dozens of times before. Knowing the route gives me an edge because I know where the hills are, so I can push when I know I have the space, and I can conserve when I know a hill is coming. The run will be my worst leg no doubt. I’m a mid-30’s 5K runner, but I haven’t run much lately. If I am going to lose some time, it will be on the run. More worry than the distance is the terrain. It’s a trail/road run, so I will need to pay very close attention to my ankle and the roots on the trail. Like I said before, this is my race against me and the finish. If I get passed, o well. It wouldn’t be the first time I got passed on a run race. I just want to do respectably, and have fun. I am already expecting it to be fun, so I am determined to keep it that way. I already have my next race picked out and I see plenty more in my future.

Wish me luck and safe passage. Come out and see me race if you are local. Join in and sign up if you are not busy tomorrow afternoon. Ha Ha. I’ll write up a full race report after it’s all said and done. I’m sure it will have a happy ending no matter what place I finish.

Enjoy your race tomorrow if you have one. I know I will.

Goodnight friends.

Simon A.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, as some of you may know. My medical history reads like a novel, and the surgical scars on my body tell so many stories. But it’s ok, because everything that I have been through has made me the person I am today. I am here and I am grateful.

My friend Sarah is running the Walt Disney World Marathon right this second, as I type this. In fact, just a few minutes ago, Mickey posted her progress on her Facebook wall, as she just crossed the 10 mile mark in under an 1:40:00. It’s amazing to me that anyone can run a marathon, especially someone I know, who I have watched from the beginning of training. She has come a very long way and I’m proud of her for making it this far.

Everyone I know has challenges in their lives. Some have bigger challenges than others, but overcoming the challenges that are important to you is the most important thing. My challenge a few years ago was to run a 5K. I did that. Last year, it was to ride a century on my bike in one day. I did that. This year, one of my challenges is to do a triathlon. I am signed up for a Sprint Triathlon in April and I am looking forward to it. I don’t anticipate any “sprinting”, but all I want to do is finish. I know it is a race, but the only one i am racing against is my own doubt. It’s easy to say you can’t do something. It’s hard to do something new. I just think it looks fun. Like my Spin Class teacher always says, “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.”.

Baby steps is all it takes and every challenge can be overcome. Sarah is proving that right now. She is such an inspiration to many, including me.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Simon A.