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Raleigh Rock & Roll Marathon - 4/12/15

Raleigh Rock & Roll Marathon – 4/12/15

My wife and I have ran in many races. She has done only 5K races so far, but routinely runs 10K’s during training runs. I have done mostly 5K’s too, but I recently did my first triathlon, which also ended with a 5K. In the past few weeks, we have started running together and doing longer distances, although those runs include walking breaks for now. Saturday, we ran/walked 7 miles, and yesterday, we ran/walked 5 miles. I’m not really sure what set the spark, but we now have the running fever. Maybe it was when my friend signed up for her second marathon last week and talked us into doing it too. We knew the race was next March, so we knew we had plenty of time to train, so we said sure, why not? Knock it off the bucketlist. Actually it wasn’t on the bucketlist, since I never considered a marathon, but heck yes I am going to add it to the bucketlist just to cross it off. Ha Ha. So we started doing the research.

The marathon we were so excited in doing is next years Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach in March 2015. The time of year is right, the course is flat, and we get to go to the beach. Win – win – win, right? Well, it turns out that that particular weekend is a horrible weekend ligistically for us and our family. No sweat, there has to be other choices for marathons on other weekends, right? Well, yes there is. April 12th, 2015 is the Rock & Roll Marathon in Raleigh, NC. It’s close to home, a themed race, and no need to fight for a hotel. The course is not as flat as the other one, but we have time to get used to hills I think. Registration opened today, and yes we did, we signed up and are both registered for the full marathon. I was going to do just the half, but since we are going to be training together, there is no reason I can’t be ready for the full in a year. We are so excited, not only to do a marathon, but to be able to do it together will be awesome. Bucketlist cross off (2x). I have read a lot of blogs about spouses not being able to run together, or one can’t get the other to run at all. I am so happy we are both up for this and I think this will only make us stronger than we already are. Life is good. Stay tuned for the training updates… and of course, the full race report….. in about 11 months… LOL. It will definately be a long journey, from 5K to 26.2 miles, but we can do it……. And we will.

Simon A.