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Mother nature has a sense of humor.  She can’t decide of it should be cold or hot, wet or dry, or sunny or cloudy.  One minute, it’s bright and vibrant outside with a cool breeze.  The next minute, it’s dark and gloomy, and you can feel the storm coming.  The wind picks up and the chimes begin singing beautifully, and the next thing you know, there is a down pour.  30 minutes later, it’s back to sunny again.  I can’t make up my mind whether camping this weekend would have been a good idea or not.

As it turns out, we decided to stay home this weekend  because the forecast was so bad.  Of course, the current situation is not as bad as the forecast, but I’m still not sure I would want to be out in the woods in this weather either.  Even though we stayed home, I did setup the pop up in the driveway in order to air it out from last weekend, and also to get it ready for next weekend.  So far, the forecast looks good for Memorial Day weekend, so camping is definitely in our forecast as well.

The camper seems to be handling the wind just fine, and I checked the inside this morning to make sure the heavy rain didn’t penetrate.  Everything was still dry, so nothing to worry about.  I re-shocked it with fresh towels, clean dishes, fire starter newspapers, and clean bed linens.  It’s ready to go for the holiday weekend, but I won’t pack it down until it dries out, either tomorrow or Tuesday.  I don’t want to pack it down wet, even if it is just for a few days.  I did that once with a tent, expecting to camp the next weekend, but then when the trip got cancelled, the tent sat in a bag wet for a few weeks and by the time we opened it back up, it was ruined.  I’m not taking that chance with the pop up.  The whole weeks shows sunny, so it should be dry in a day or so.

So regardless of Mother natures plans, next weekend will be a great weekend of camping.  I just hope she remembers that it’s a holiday weekend and that staying dry will make us all happy.

Happy camping.

Simon A.


It’s still dark outside, but there is still the content hum of the wind, whipping across the front porch.  The air is crisp and moist, as the rain continues to fall, although it is diminishing every day.  I believe the forecast shows that the sun will be allowed to come out today.  I hope so because all these gloomy days are getting really old.  Fall is supposed to be full of color and brightness, not overcast, dull gray, and windy.

Despite the recent spell of bad weather, I am glad for the changing season.  I know this system is temporary and the colors will return.  Leaves will float to the Earth once again, instead of flying by like bullets.  The hammocks will be hung up soon and it will be time to sit outside and enjoy the breezes and the sounds of nature.

So this is for you Sun.  C’mon out and play.  We miss you.


Finally some Spring weather.

Finally some Spring weather.

My training for my triathlon has been hit and miss the past few weeks. With work being so busy, school coming to a close, and life in general being crazy now that we are carpooling together, training has taken a back seat. And that’s not even mentioning the weather factor. When it’s not raining or freezing, it’s hot and windy. And the pollen in the air has stuffed my nose like a turkey. I hate allergies. Excuses aside, the triathlon is this Saturday and I am trying to get as ready as I can.

On Monday, Cindy and I went to the park to jog. The running was going pretty good until an oncoming car made me nervous and I got too close to the edge of the pavement. My left ankle rolled over and I went down. The good news was that I didn’t feel a pop, so it didn’t break my ankle or even twist it, but it did sprain it pretty good. It never bruised, but even today, it’s still very tender to the touch and nicely swollen. After I rolled it, we jogged another mile or so, which may or may not have been a good idea. I haven’t run on it since, so hopefully the swelling will go down before Saturday. More IBuprofen for me.

Today, I decided to ride the bike, fist because it was beautiful outside, and also to see if pedalling messed with my ankle. I rode 16.5 miles and had no problems. So for the triathlon, I think my ankle will be fine up until the run at least. The 5K is mostly a trail run, so I will have to be super careful not to roll my ankle again on the roots. It will hurt much more doing it again since it’s already tender. I plan to take it easy and just make sure I finish. I hate injuries.

View from the shade

View from the shade

Treading carefully,

Simon A.

Why has the weather been so crazy lately? It seems that it warms up and rains every weekend when we want to be outside doing things, and during the week, the rain stops, but the temperature falls to single digits. I grew up in Northern NY, so I enjoy snow in the winter, but here in NC, it doesn’t happen very often. If only the moisture was around during the cold week days. It would be sweet to have snow during the week and then be clear and warm on the weekends for outdoor activities, but I guess that is too much to ask in this climate.

Today is going to be a lazy day, I can feel it already. The family is sleeping late, both dogs are going crazy because they can’t go outside in the flooded backyard, and the rains continues to fall. This afternoon it is supposed to be in the mid sixties, so tea on the front porch in the rocking chairs may be in our future. It is definately a good day to write. The neighborhood is quiet, except for the occasional rumble of thunder, but I love the sound of rain. It is so peaceful and calming, like a deep tissue massage for the ears and the mind. Rain blankets my thoughts and makes all the troubles go away, maybe only temporarily, but it’s better than not at all.

I hope everyone who reads this can take a moment today and listen to the rain. Close your eyes, breath deep breaths, clear your mind, and enjoy the peace of the world that surrounds you. If you are not in a place that is raining today, you can do the same thing with the soothing sounds of music, or just remember this post the next time it does rain where you live.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

Simon A.